Shipping Update as of December 1 2023 - Red River Cereal (Original) is back in stock but we are currently delayed 48 hours on new orders. Cream of Whole Wheat is on back order until early January.

About Us

The Historic Arva Flour Mill, situated on the banks of Medway Creek in Arva Ontario (just north of London), has been in continuous operation for 203 YEARS, making the Mill Canada’s 6th oldest continuously operating business and perhaps the oldest food producing Company in Canada (is Molson beer a food?!) The Mill is believed to be the oldest operating water powered Flour Mill in this part of the world.  We produce a true artisan flour, using our antique Goldie & McCullough cold roller mills that replaced the stone ground grist mills in 1904.  Our Mills maybe the last of this vintage found anywhere in North America!

“The Best Flour by a Dam Site!

We mill a natural truly artisan flour from wheat from the same small nearby farms that supplied the Mill two centuries ago!.  Our vintage roller mills produce a truly artisan flour that can’t be replicated by modern mills.  We mill the way of bygone years and when you select Arva flour, you are receiving flour that has not been sitting on a shelf or in a warehouse for weeks or months.   We are a genuine small mill.

Around 1900, the original grist millstones were replaced with roller mills, which were the “state of the art” at the time.  These are the vintage milling machines we still use to produce our flours.

The Arva Flour Mill continues to thrive today, owned and operated by the Rinker family.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit our mill, we have a wonderful store that sells a vast array of organic, natural and locally sourced products.  Just minutes outside of London on the banks of Medway Creek - the mill offers a great destination for your grocery needs or a day trip outing.  A trip back in time and to fill your pantry as well!