Arva Heirloom Flour - 3 Pack - Save 10%

  • $59.95 CAD
Arva Flour Mills produces some of the highest quality flour found anywhere in Canada.  It’s a combination of our antique Goldie & McCullough cold roller mills that replaced the stone ground grist mills in 1901, the skill of our expert Millers, quality of our grain inputs, and absence of additives, bleaches and enhancers.

We are celebrating the recent arrival of Emmer and Einkorn Flour with the creation of a 3 pack to enable some savings for baking enthusiasts to experiment with different flours.  Choose any 3 of the following Specialty Flours and let us know your preferences in the “Notes to Seller Section” as you complete your order;

White Spelt Flour - 2.5KG
Whole Spelt Flour - 2.5KG
Whole Red Fife Flour - 2.5KG
White Red Fife Flour - 2.5KG
Whole Emmer Flour - 2.0KG
Whole Einkorn Flour - 2.0KG