Organic Sprouted Buckwheat - Naturally Gluten Free 400g

  • $7.49 CAD

Sprouted buckwheat is earthy, nutritious and naturally gluten-free. Despite its name, buckwheat is not related to wheat; it is actually from a flowering fruit in the rhubarb family. It is rich in protein and essential amino acids like lysine and arginine, which many major cereal crops are deficient in.

The whole buckwheat groat goes through a slow soaking and sprouting period to enhance its texture, reduce its cook time to just 10 minutes, and make it easier to digest. Sprouting also mellows buckwheat’s distinct flavour for a lighter, subtler taste. It’s earthy flavour can be compared to hoppy beer (in fact, buckwheat is often an ingredient in gluten-free beer).

When cooked as a whole grain, sprouted buckwheat has a soft, fluffy texture that’s great for salads, grain bowls and pilafs. If you cook it a little longer it becomes an amazingly creamy porridge. We love combining it with other warm, earthy flavours like cinnamon. Sprouting breaks down the structures of the seed, giving it a light and perfectly crunchy texture. Try toasting it as a delicious addition to granolas and muselis. You can swap it 1:1 for unsprouted buckwheat.