Red Fife Flour 10lbs

  • $29.95 CAD

Red Fife Wheat was brought to Canada a little over 170 years ago and is said to be Canada's oldest wheat. Up until the end of the 19th century Red Fife was the dominant hard wheat planted across the prairies.  Fast forward to today and Red Fife is making a resurgence thanks to its nutritional value and flavour.

With subtle notes of stone fruit and pecan, the butter smooth body of Red Fife will add a unique and delicious flavour to baked goods.  Use it interchangeably with our Daisy 100% Whole Wheat flour or play around with mixtures of both in your recipe.

Red Fife is a very recent addition to the different flours produced at Arva Flour Mills and is a true Artisan flour!  Try some today!

 Please indicate in the "note to seller" which you would like of White and Whole Red Fife Flour.