Shipping Update as of December 1 2023 - Red River Cereal (Original) is back in stock but we are currently delayed 48 hours on new orders. Cream of Whole Wheat is on back order until early January.

Red River Cereal Hoodie - Cereal included!

  • $49.99

Start your cold Canadian morning in the warmth of your Red River Fleece Hoodie while enjoying your favourite hot breakfast cereal.  Available in XS, S, M, L and XL.  We will also include 1 package of Red River Cereal with your order. (Note, our Miller is not included!)

US Customers please note:  You will need to order the hoodie and 1 bag of Red River Cereal separately.  We will credit the free bag of Red River Cereal.  This is required for Customs purposes.  Thank you!